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Meet the expertise backing up your new training plan... (click on a staff member image above to see their profile) We have the expertise and resources here to help you achieve your endurance sporting goal. Take a look through our Staff and see how they can help you achieve your goals with one of our bespoke training plans...



Steve Corbyn: 

Strength and conditioning coach for endurance athletes.

I'm a qualified sports therapist and coach and currently based at the Olympic pool at Cardiff International Pool as both a Fitness Instruction and Personal Trainer.

I've worked in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years in a range of roles from Fitness Instructor to Gym manager and Group exercise coach.

In my working career  I've built a substantial knowledge of function conditioning for all body types and built up a speciality of focusing on endurance strength building and helping athletes from a wide range of sports from cycling to motorsport.

I've been racing MTB and cyclocross since the late 90's and have raced most disciplines from cx to 24solo and currently race for the KTM Impsport team focusing on marathon races

I also train both small group and one to one clients and use my experience to develop successful training and coaching plans for my clients.

I have a clear passion for strength and conditioning work for endurance athletes and look at how to develop stability and function strength to improve your performance and PB.

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Scott Cornish :

Sports Physio and Bike Fitting:  Bringing you world class training programmes.




Scott is a physio and massage therapist and specialist bike fitter, using his physio skills and knowledge for a more effective outcome. 
Coming from an endurance race and bikepacking background he knows a thing or 2 about why the body hurts and aches and how to optimise individual strength and conditioning training to minimise injury, maximise rehab and improve movement efficacy for your chosen activity.
He has bikepacked across the peaks of the Alpes, NZ and Morocco and participates in events anywhere from single day ultras, such as the MB Race, to multi day races such as the Cape Epic, BeMC and Transalp.  
In his capacity as a physio he treats a range of musculoskeletal issues, helping people to return to functional health, whatever their activity and level. He understands the 'pain' of being off sport due to injury and works on all levels to return people as quickly as possible to their chosen activity, educating about their injury and how to self manage for the long term.
He speaks fluent French and some German as well as being a bicycle journo, having written for a number of publications. 
As a resident of Chamonix, winter sees him out ski touring and rolling on a fatbike. 
Scott is brand ambassador for GoreBikeWearLuck custom shoesTopeak, and Rotor
If you have any questions about an injury, bikefitting or any aches/pain you are experiencing, do get in touch. 

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Lindsay Woodford

Sports Psychologist:  Bringing the psychological game you world class training programmes and testing.

I am delighted to be part of the E3 Coaching team as your resident sport psychologist. As you know being a successful athlete is about being physically and mentally tough. It is about keeping going when the going gets tough in training and smashing it when the going gets tough in racing. I am a chartered sport and exercise psychologist with a passion for endurance sport, both as a psychologist working with athletes and as a former triathlon age group competitor myself.

If you would like to find out more about sport psychology and the work I do please have a look at my website;

I have a YouTube channel where I have a series of sporting mindset workouts that you can get involved with. These are mental training videos that introduce athletes and coaches to the principles of sport psychology and how they can be used to improve performance and enjoyment. I am passionate about people and performance so please tweet me @sportingmindset with any questions that you might have. I look forward to chatting to you, what you believe in your mind you can achieve in your sport!

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Dr Ali Hil

Sports Nutritionist & coach:  Bringing the expertise together to give you world class training programmes and testing.

Dr. Ali Hill is a Registered Nutritionist on the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists, specialising in Sport and Exercise Nutrition. She has a PhD in nutrition from the University of Southampton, a PG Cert in Applied Sports Nutrition from St. Mary’s University College, London, and is an STA full swimming teacher and UKCC / ITU Level 2 Triathlon coach. Experience in sports nutrition includes a range of research and client work, with both beginner and elite level athletes. In 2014, Ali and Professor Stewart Bruce-Low’s experiment on capsaicin and its effect on football performance was featured on BBC1’s “Late Kick Off”. She is providing nutritional support to a group of scouts from Hampshire Scouting Expeditions who will be attempting an unsupported ski/kite-ski crossing of Antarctica in 2018.

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Jon Fearne

Head Coach:  Bringing the expertise together to give you world class training programmes and testing no matter what your level or what your goal


I have been working as an endurance coach now for over 12 years, having worked through UK athletic Qualifications, Cycling and British Triathlon, I have a Degree in Sport Science and am working on MSc in Athlete Develeopment and Peak performance. I set up to give the most professional and quality driven service, understanding each athlete is an individual and no matter what your level, be it to compete or complete you deserve the same focus. 

As an endurance athlete I have raced multiple Ironman, 70.3, MTB XC, Craft Transalp, Gore-tex Transalpine, Lanzarote stage MTB, Marmotte, X-Man Triathlon, Ultra marathons. As well as the racing I have pushed myself in some extreme enviroments, Mont Blanc, Everest base camp, surfing in Europe and kayaking in some great white water. It is important to me to keep pushing my own limits as this keeps me intouch with the emotions of an athlete which is key to my coaching. 

Before coaching became my life I worked as a BSA surf instructor, BCU Kayak instructor and MTB Instructor, so having over 20 years of instructing and coaching expereince. 

I have been lucky enough to race in some of the toughest endurance events around the world and use this expereince to help my athletes and pass on this knowledge to all my E3C staff.

I beileve in using all areas of endurance sports to help athletes achieve thier goals, a runner can help a cyclist and a swimmer can offer ideas to runners, there are cross overs that people do not look at. 


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