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Coaching Plans & Pricing

E3C offer the best and proven quality holistic approach to training, whatever your goal.

We have coached successful Atlantic rowers, solo unsupported South Pole athletes, professional adventure photographers, IMG guides, world endurance MTB champions, Kona athletes and many more athletes across the world of endurance and adventure. Although we have a proven track record with elite and adventure athletes, you do not have to be an aspiring professional to use our coaching services.

At E3C we pride ourselves on our bespoke training plans. These are built up following an in-depth look at your personal and athletic profile, what your day-to-day life involves and how you can best achieve your goals around these commitments.

Jon, our Head Coach and Founder, has vast experience in the world of adventure and endurance having trained in the Himalayas, Andes, Pyrenees and Atlas Mountains. Living in the French Alps further gives him an in-depth of understanding of performing in challenging environments. Jon has pushed himself in Iceland to understand the cold effects on performance, raced in endurance events, has a sports science degree, co-wrote an MSC in athlete development and peak performance plus he has passed multiple governing body courses and qualifications in cycling, triathlon and athletics.

Personalised Monthly Coaching

  • For professional training and coaching, tailored specifically to your sport or challenge, get in touch today to find out more:

Custom 12 Week Training Plan

£ 295 /one-off
If you’re new to training, or you don’t have the time or expertise to lay out your own plan, the 12-week plan is for you
  • Cost-Effective Customized Training Plan
  • Discuss Your Goals, Time Constraints, And Training History Via Phone.
  • Twelve Weeks Of Daily Workouts Are Laid Out For You.
  • Minimum Training Period For Popular Endurance Events Like Marathon, Triathlon, Sub 7000m Peaks