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Why use E3C?

E3coach specialise in bespoke online Adventure and endurance performance focused training plans to help you achieve your goal, from dream to reality, we work with you on your journey .

Training plans are written with Sport Science understanding, with application of Sports Psychology and to work alongside your lifestyle and existing commitments.

No matter what level you are, E3coach will work with you to achieve your goal

Based in Scottish Highlands, we work with athletes from the UK, across Europe, Canada, USA, South America, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. We can work with you, no matter where you are.

Jon Fearne - E3C Head Coach & Founder

“To provide quality flexibile coaching to all athletes, to ensure each athlete is treated as an indvidual, my passion is seeing others achieve their goals and continue to develop”

“I believe in continual learning both as a coach and athlete and am always looking for ways to create and improve various methods of training”

“Personally, I have spent time training or competing in the Himalayas, Andes, Pyrenees, Alps, Atlas Mountains, Iceland, the Middle East and have surfed all around Europe and the Canary Islands, while also running training camps for endurance athletes across the Globe.”

Qualifications & Experience

  • Over 27 years coaching experience
  • MSc Athlete Development and Peak Performance (co-wrote course)
  • BA Hons Sport Studies
  • National Diploma Outdoor Education
  • BSA instructor
  • BCU instructor
  • BC level 2 – followed
  • BTF level 3 – followed
  • UKA level 1
  • Guest Lecturer at UHI on Adventure Performance
  • Trained first female of colour to solo South Pole
  • Trained first female team Hero’s of Tele Mark

Results & Achievements

  • Coming from a junior athletics back ground competing nationally, moving into the extreme sports of Surfing and Kayaking, 10 years Kickboxing, Kung Fu and Boxing, always taking part in endurance and adventure sports
  • 6 x Ironman
  • Multiple 70.3 (qualified Worldchamps 2009)
  • First off road Ironman event X-TRI (finishing 8th)
  • Craft Transalp
  • Gore Transalpine (first ever athlete ever to complete both Transalp and Transalpine)
  • Lanzarotte Stage MTB
  • Multiple Marmotte finisher
  • Several 4000m ascent and ski offs
  • Aconcagua
  • Mt Toubkal in under 7hrs (running)