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Adventure Performance Coaching

Taking the knowledge learned and used from the endurance sports world we apply these key proven elements when working with adventure athletes.

Coaching Offered

Being in the best shape possible for your adventure means most importantly that fitness and strength are not a limiting factor and this allows you to maximise your time and enjoyment.

We also help you with your psychological training which allows you to prepare for Antarctic travel, summiting the worlds highest mountains or rowing across the Atlantic.

Adventures are personal endeavours into the wild and unknown and we can design training plans for you. There are no limitations here, if you dream it up and we can train you up.

Personally, I have spent time training or competing in the Himalayas, Andes, Pyrenees, Alps, Atlas Mountains, Iceland, the Middle East and have surfed all around Europe and the Canary Islands, while also running training camps for endurance athletes across the Globe.

E3C Adventure Athletes

James Hind – Successfully completing Svalbard Crossing 2024,

“Thanks Jon; it went really well, loved it! Want to do another similar expedition next year. Training was great preparation, as I didn’t find the expedition overly physically challenging”

I’m Eva, and I’m an adventure YouTuber, travel filmmaker and writer. Over the last 6 years, I’ve travelled the world, telling the stories of its people and places. Those travels have inspired me to become a kind of “adventure athlete” – someone who relies on the strength and endurance of their body to explore some of the most remote places on Earth, inaccessible by cars and motor vehicles. I’ve done big solo runs in the Balkans, Washington State and Mexico, and have climbed Aconcagua and Mount Vinson. More recently, Jon helped me train for my first 100km ultra. We’re currently working on getting me ready for a huge Arctic ultra marathon taking place in Sweden in the winter. I share all my adventures on YouTube and Instagram, so come on over! (Eva zu Beck on YT & IG)

I am Vedangi Kulkarni, a 25 year old endurance athlete, adventurer, writer, public speaker, and an entrepreneur. I grew up in a town just outside Pune city in India. I was raised to look beyond barriers and always believe that I can achieve anything that I work hard towards. Although I have never been a “natural” at anything, I’m always willing to say yes, put in the efforts and show up when it matters. I’m currently training for an Arctic Ultra and a record attempt to be the fastest woman to cycle around the world. I’ll be sharing stories from my adventures as well as the training that goes behind making them happen on my social media channels (@thisisvedangi on Instagram, Vedangi Kulkarni on Facebook and LinkedIn) and Substack newsletter (The Adventure Shed).

Monet Izabeth South Pole Solo –

My life changed when the adventure of a lifetime dropped into my lap seven years ago. My great uncle’s WWII-era plane, missing for over 70 years, had been found on the side of Mount Kenya. I would spend the next several years trekking up to the site trying to find his remains on the second highest mountain in Africa. This experience opened my mind to the life-giving effects of pushing your personal boundaries. I knew I wanted to continue doing that for the rest of my life––and to encourage others to do the same.

That’s why I’m currently training with Jon to attempt to become the first American woman to ski solo & unsupported to the South Pole in 2024. I’m sharing my journey with my online audience from the very beginning, to show everything that goes into taking on a goal this gigantic.

Teri Polesky Yukon Arctic Ultra –

So happy to be working with someone as experienced and knowledgable as Jon. His training plans push you to be prepared to complete an ultra event.  He not only gets you prepared physically, but mentally as well.  Completing 100 miles in one of the harshest environments in the world takes not only physical strength, but you need to bring it mentally as well. He will prepare you to achieve your goal. Crossing that finish line with northern lights leading me to it, was one of the greatest achievements in my life. Jon worked with me every step of the way.  Jon wants to see the person achieve the goal that they have set out for themselves. He is also very honest about your goals and what is needed to achieve them.  I would recommend him if you are looking to achieve any goal, he will take you all the way to the finish line.

”Cat, aka Molar Explorer is aiming to bring together her two passions of dentistry and adventure in aiming to become the first dentist to venture solo and unsupported to the South Pole. Cat is no stranger to far-flung adventures, but skiing alone for 700 miles in extreme conditions, is definitely her biggest challenge to date. Follow her journey and her training on instagram:

Hero’s of Telemark – first female team, Forces Wife Challenge. Working g with this great team from selection process to plans for the selected to follow.

Antarctic Fire Angels – Female fire fighter team skiing to the South Pole, Becky, Bex, George, Emily and Nikki

Victoria Carroll – Atlantic Rower

Victoria Carroll@vicc88 is training to compete as a pair in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, a 3000 mile rowing race across the Atlantic. She has an extensive background in river rowing but will be working with e3 Coaching to prepare mentally and physically for this epic endurance challenge. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities please email or check out for more information!

Preet Chandi – Solo Unsupported Antarctic Expedition

Preet Chandi@polarpreet “My name is Preet, I’m a British Army physiotherapist and my goal is to complete a solo unsupported expedition in Antarctica. A distance of over 700 miles and I’ll be hauling everything I need in a pulk (sled) behind me, including all my food, fuel and tent. My aims for this expedition are to inspire others to achieve anything they want and redefine what is possible. I wanted to work with somebody that is as excited and motivated about my goals as I am which is why I chose to work with Jon!”

Sara Crosland – Mountaineer & Adventurer

Sara Crosland@saracrosland “Lockdown has given me the opportunity to think long and hard about future goals. Before my brain tumour diagnosis, I’d planned on completing Mont Blanc or Kilimanjaro. Having given some thought to both of these I thought why settle for just one? So I’ve set myself the challenge of 2 big summits in 2 years. All being well, Mont Blanc is in my sights for 2021 and I aim to climb Mount Kenya in 2022. Why MK instead of Kili? Because to reach the true summit, there is a 21 pitch technical climb involved! I love a challenge, to prove to myself and others that, with the right mindset, there really are no limits to what we can achieve. Before that though, there’s the small matter of my first 100k ultra in the Lake District. This is a deferred entry from 2020 and I can’t wait! I feel very lucky to have found myself a coach who shares the excitement of a challenge, and who I know will put me in the very best position to complete all of these successfully. Thank you Jon!”

Alex Buisse – Adventure Photographer

@alexbuisse “So as soon as lockdown restrictions eased in May, I headed straight back up the mountains with renewed enthusiasm. And with the help of Jon Fearne of E3Coach and his endurance training plans, I have felt really fit for the first time in, well, quite a while. And I am very excited for what the fall and winter will bring!”

Wendy Searle – Solo Ski to the South Pole

@betweensnowandsky was the fastest solo unsupported person to the South Pole in 2020, becoming one of only 7 females to achieve this goal.

Ian Holdcroft – Atlantic Rower

@Ianholdcroft successfully rowed the Taliskar Atlantic Challenge.

Nahla Summers – Kindness Adventurer

@Nahlasummers is completing a mammoth challenge of travelling 4800 miles on an Elliptigo bike, going through 20 countries completing a kindness challenge in each country.

Ed Stubbings – Baikal Solo Unassisted crossing

@breaking_baikal from the 1st March 2021 will be attempting an unsupported and unassisted crossing of the 640 kilometre length of Lake Baikal in support of The Prince’s Trust.

Our Adventure Partners