Road Cycling Coach

E3C have been working with amateur and professional cycling athletes for over 15 years.

We can help you exceed your racing, sportive and KOM or QOM goals.

Road Racing

How it works:

  • Lifestyle Audit
  • Athlete Profile questionnaires
  • Setting your personal Training Zones
  • Heart rate and power Zones
  • Bike fit
  • Season Goal setting session
  • Group racing skills
  • Periodical evaluations
  • Uni Based sport science testing
  • Daily Training Peak Emails

Sportive Cycling

How it works:

  • Lifestyle Audit
  • Athlete profile questionnaires
  • Event Goals
  • Distance build up
  • Heart rate and Power zones set
  • Group riding confidence
  • Daily emails from Training Peaks

KOM Cycling

How it works:

  • You tell us what you are after
  • Using any methods from the above
  • Build your personal goals list
  • Looking to gain general all round improvement


E3C work with TrainingPeaks software that allows us as coaches to brake down athletes rides into fine details and allows us to analyse each session. TrainingPeaks gives us your TSS (Training Stress Score) , once your sessions are uploaded it allows us to see when you are in good form or if you are fatigued and so planning your training becomes much easier to make sure you hit hard sessions and races in the right physical form.