Training during isolation

We have been thrown into a crazy time with many people only allowed to leave their homes for a short walk or a trip to the supermarket. How, as athletes with training goals, do we cope and not just as athletes how do we as people cope?

We are seeing on the news panic buying, I am seeing a growing trend on social media platforms of HIIT mentality classes, online high intensity sessions, the good old Special Forces guys putting out training sessions (some of these would totally break me)

Take a breath, this is not a sprint. For many athletes on a plan, this would be a transition period from winter training to intervals and build. When we say transition, we don’t go from zone 2 into maximal effort, muscular or cardiovascular, we transition.

Now I understand the need for some high intensity buzz, we are going to need it to keep our heads straight for sure! But look at it this way- You go hit 100 pulls, 100 squat thrusts 10 x 100m maximal sprints and I promise you, you will be recovering for 3-4 days with muscle soreness, now confined at home and sore!!

Let’s go one step further, INJURY while in isolation!! Fancy that? No, I did not think so.

Slow down, break yourself into these sessions, warm up well and maybe go sub-max for a few weeks.

Not only will this approach help you progress your training, help prevent injury, it will also give you more sessions to fill your time. We have no idea how long this will last and if you go full on now, what will you have left when they announce you have another 2 or 4 weeks more of isolation.

There has been lots of articles etc on immune systems- these are so individual it’s not always good to just follow what’s written. Instead, trust your understanding of how you respond to your training stress and apply this.

Stay healthy and strong.

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